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### Logical Record 0
"\E1IDS2sS21\CE<\AE?,4>(t\8E\80.\BC\DB\F0\02Y)\D0\0C\F0\960\00        1IDSSCRNF                                 "
"                                                  b\0C\05\03\03\00\00 13TJB011182 IDEAS        "
"                                                      Release 2.1                  "
"                                                                                   "
"   When a no-op is used, there is no operation performed to                        "
"establish a new pass/fail condition.  Pass/fail actions   Sequence number       spe"
"cified for this edit will be performed based on the    Conditional Y/N?      curren"
"tly existing pass/fail condition established by a   Only if SYSFLAG =     prior ent"
"ry, edit, or operation only.                                                       "
"                                                                                   "
"                                           A no-op may be used in a number of situa"
"tions:                                                                             "
"                                     1. If used immediately following a keyboard en"
"try, the pass/fail condition is      set by the validity of the entry.  For example"
", entry of an invalid date,       when a date edit is specified will cause a "fail""
" condition to exist.                                                               "
"                         2. If used immediately following another edit type (ie. ra"
"nge, table, etc.),       it extends that edit's number of pass/fail actions beyond "
"the normal 50         because the pass/fail is not changed, and this becomes merely"
" an extension.                                                                     "
"             3. If used merely to specify certain activities, the P/F code should b"
"e "B"        (both) because the currently existing pass/fail condition is indetermi"
"nate      since a no-op does not set the pass/fail condition.                      "
"                                                                                   "
### Logical Record 1
"\19\00\10\00\0Ep\80\14\00"\01\A0\00Bp\80\14\00\07\03\C0\10\02p@\14\00\09\040\18\02p@\14\00\01\04\C0\08\02\00\00\14\00\01\04\D0\08\06\00\00\14\00\08\05 \10\17p\80\14\00\08\05\A0\18\17p\80\14\00\02\81\93 #\00\80\14\00\01\04"
### Logical Record 2
"FLAG#FLGSTATE                                                                      "
"                                                                                   "