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Listing of file='IDS2sP02' on disk='vmedia/'

### Logical Record 0
"\E1IDS2sP02\A2[0\038\F2\96[\80\9A\FC\80\8E\1B\AE\96@0\CA\F9\F2\86\DC\C0        1IDSPRGIF                                 "
"                                                  r\00\01\03\00\00\00  6ELT090782 IDEAS Interac"
"tive Program Generator: Standard Program HELP Screen  Release 2.1                  "
"                                                               The "Mem/Load" optio"
"n (M or L) specifies if the generated program is to be      optimized for memory us"
"e or for speed in displaying the screen at load time.    If "M" is chosen, the gene"
"rated program loads the screen data from disk.        If "L" is chosen, the screen "
"data is coded into the generated program, reducing the time required to load the pr"
"ogram, but increasing the memory requirements.  The screen file must still be on di"
"sk for HELP screens and indirect operations.                                       "
"                                          There are 4 types of standard programs fo"
"r which IDEAS may automatically create the necessary edits for processing the scree"
"n's first associated data file.        FN'3 Add/change/delete   Permits records to "
"be added, modified, or deleted      FN'4 Add only            Permits new records to"
" be added to the file            FN'5 Inqiury (random)    Permits random retrieval "
"and display only              FN'6 Inquiry (seq.)      Permits sequential retrieval"
" and display only       To use this automated edit generation feature, certain cond"
"itions must be met:    1. The first field on the screen must have no edits.        "
"                    2. The key to file must be as many fields as are shown in the f"
"ile definition      and each field must be the same name as in the file.  They may "
"be in any        order, but the last such field must have no associated edits.     "
"           3. If there is a field at row 24, column 80, it must have no edits.     "
"       After IDEAS generates the necessary edits, you may return to the screen mask"
"    editor for additional edit specifications or continue with program generation. "
### Logical Record 1