image of READY prompt

Listing of file='bscmenu' on disk='vmedia/'

# Sector 142, program filename = 'bscmenu'
9000 DATA "bscmenu ", "Bisync Host Emulator Menu (experimental)", 3,1,"ROOTNOD
9010 DATA  "2qLOADER", "Start the emulator",                              "P"
9020 DATA "M-TEST",   "microcode for above",                             "D"
9030 DATA "2q parms",  "Alter configuration for this terminal",        "P"
9040 DATA "2q.parms", "data file containing parms by terminal",          "D"
9050 DATA  "3271",    "Standard host emulator",                          "O"
9060 DATA "2qsetup ","3271 emulator",                                    "O"
9070 DATA "2qSIMZZZ","3271 emulator",                                    "O"
9080 DATA "2usetup ","3275 emulator",                                    "O"
9090 DATA "2uSIMZZZ","3275 emulator",                                    "O"
9100 DATA  "2qCRT-02", "Create an instuction screen",                     "P"
9110 DATA  "2p FILE1", "Create a print file (in progress)",               "P"
9120 DATA  "2p.FILE1", "default file name",                               "D"
9130 DATA "2qCRT.02", "default file name",                               "D"
9140 DATA "2p.VSmu",  "VS logo screen",                                  "D"
9150 DATA "2p.DUMP" , "Dump screen",                                     "D"
9160 DATA "2p.ATTR1", "Attribute screen",                                "D"
9170 DATA "2q.PRTmu", "Printer derice sel screen",                       "D"
9180 DATA  "2qMENU02", "Choose a version",                                "O"
9190 DATA  "2p scrn2", "Create 3270 screen",                              "P"
9200 DATA "2p.scrn2", "Choice screen for above"    ,                     "D"
9210 DATA  "2q scrn3", "Format 3270 screen",                              "P"
9220 DATA  "TEMP3",    "Convert certain files",                           "P"
9230 DATA  "2p move",  "Move the files",                                  "P"
9240 DATA "2p.move",  "file list for above (created with instr pgm)",    "D"
9250 DATA "no more","end of menu list"," "