image of READY prompt

Listing of file='IDS2sS43' on disk='vmedia/'

### Logical Record 0
"\E1IDS2sS43\CE<\AE?,4>(t\8E\800>`\02\D0 ,\BE\19\00\A6\E9\00IDS2sS271IDSSCRNF                                 "
"                                                  \F2\00\00\00\00\00\00  5TJB111181\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09"
"\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09Pass/Fail Action Summary:  M Rcv op1    T Load ind\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09"
"\09\09\09\09\09\09A Skp ahd Y   G Errmsg N   N Rcv ind    U Disp 1-2\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09"
"\09\09\09B Skp ahd N   H Disp FMB   O Save op1   V Disp ind\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09"
"C Skp bck Y   I Copy 1-2   P Save ind   W Fld spec\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09D S"
"kp bck N   J Copy ind   Q Goto op1   X Spec ind\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09Load Ind Test/Op2\09\09\09E Canc"
"el  Y   K Xmt op1    R Goto ind   Y FNK/Help\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09F Cancel "
" N   L Xmt ind    S Load op1   Z Date ops \09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09"
"\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09\09 Option "T" - Load operand 1 indirect       "
"                                     This action permits an respecification of the "
"module to be loaded when CANCEL   is keyed or the immediate loading of a specified "
"program module.                                                                    "
"                            Operand 1 must contain a field name or @TSTFLD# whose v"
"alue supplies the name   of the module to be loaded.                               "
"                                                                                   "
"                   If Operand 2 contains "ONCANCEL",the "cancel" module will be res"
"pecified and    no immediate program load will occur. If Operand 2 contains "COMCLI"
"DS" or       "COMCLRPT"(for reports only) the following COMMON variables will be cl"
"eared:    "COMCLIDS" -- Clear all IDEAS variables, "COMCLRPT" -- Clear report varia"
"bles.                                                                              "
"    Operand 2 may also be used for an additional test or operation.   (FN'15=HELP) "