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Mike Bahia generously donated his inventory of spare Wang 2200 boards to this website. They are available for the price of shipping to anyone who needs one to get a broken system running again, or to enhance a system you have. Please respect the intent of this page and don't ask for boards so that you can resell it on ebay or harvest it for old TTL parts. Thanks.

Spare Boards

box count board id description
box 1 1x 7079 printer/plotter controller
box 1 4x 7342 terminal, printer/plotter, disk controller, except no term port!
box 1 2x 9746 (looks like later revision of 7342 "triple" controller card)
box 1 1x 7290+7591 MXD card
box 1 1x 8259+8260 tape drive controller
box 1 3x 7223+7224 (2228B bisync/async communications controller)
box 1 2x 8824 2275 mux master
box 1 1x 7715 ??? controller
box 2 3x 7925 ??? (it has three 2716 EPROMs on it, but no microprocessor)
box 2 1x 7796 ??? debug card? very little on it
box 2 1x 7587 xVP data memory card (32KB, but sockets for +32KB)
box 2 2x 7587 xVP data memory card (64KB)
box 2 2x 6789 xVP memory control card
box 2 1x 6790 xVP instruction counter card
box 2 2x 6791 xVP stack card
box 2 1x 6792 xVP alu card
box 2 2x 6793 xVP registers card
box 2 3x 8034 VLSI MVP CPU w/128KB DRAM (hardwired DRAM; no SIMM)
box 2 2x 8034 VLSI MVP CPU w/512KB DRAM (hardwired DRAM; no SIMM)
box 2 1x 8937 VLSI MVP CPU w/8 SIMM (2MB?)
box 2 1x 8937 VLSI MVP CPU w/8 SIMM (8MB?)

The boards above are nearly all for VP-class 2200 systems. If you have a first generation system, see if Jan van de Veen has what you need.

Spare Streaming Tape Drives and Tapes

Mike Bahia also donated a few tape drives, and a number of tapes of various kinds. The ones listed as "magnetic cassette tapes" are not audio tapes; they are for tape streamers, suitable for backing up hard drives. If you could use some of these, let me know.

count description
1x TEAC MT-2ST/45D-64U streaming cassette tape drive
2x TEAC MT-2ST/45D-14U streaming cassette tape drive
8x Verbatim 20/50MB high density streamer cassette tapes
16x Wang 725-7548 600' extra density magnetic cassette tape
10x Wang 725-4055-1 600' high density magnetic cassette tape (150 MB)
4x CS-600XDNOX high density magnetic cassette tape
4x TEAC CT-500 high density magnetic cassette tape
5x Wang 725-1294 600' data cartridge
5x Wang 725-1127 450' data cartridge
4x Wang 725-9178 tiny cassettes ... perhaps 8mm, or audio, I don't know

Spare Cartridge Hard Disk Drives and Cartridges

These are also courtesy of Mike Bahia.

count description
1x Ricoh RH5130 10 MB cartridge disk drive (same as the DMA Systems drive, below)
2x DMA Systems Model 360 10 MB cartridge disk drive (same as the Ricoh, above)
4x 10 MB hard disk cartridges, suitable for the two drives above

Contact me at the mail address below if you have a need.